Anbar - Fallujah

Activities May – 2021

During May 2021, BWA team has conducted and achieved many activities under Najat Project: Prevent and mitigate Gender Based Violence and protection risks during Covid-19 pandemic, which is being implemented by Baghdad Women Association and funded by Oxfam International Organization, distributed IEC materials and referral mapping by targeting the most visited locations by women and girls and distributing 274 dignity kids for women and girls in Fallujah by evaluating their economic and social status to make sure the most needed women and girls receive the needed support, the distribution implemented during Ramadan to avoid the movement restrictions which is applied by the government to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

BWA team coordinated with many governmental, international and local institutions to refer beneficiaries to make sure women and girls get many services before the end of the project lifetime. After reaching the targeted numbers of Beneficiaries, BWA caregivers provided psychological services to women and girls as an act of volunteering and provided 44 women and girls who survived violence with cash for protection activity. Its worthy to mention that the short video that was aired via Anbar local channel has reached more than 5000 views and it was shared by so many local organizations that cared for the subject of Gender Based Violence in underserved communities BWA team has targeted teenage girls with no more than 16 years old and gather them in awareness session to raise their awareness about the risks of Gender Based Violence and listen to what they are dealing with and going through so many stressful and unjust treatment such as, early marriage, sexual harassment and electronic blackmailing. 

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