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Activities implemented in Domiz 1 camp

The project staff of Enhancing Support for Women and Girls Affected by Sexual and Gender- Based Violence in Domiz 1 camp and Dohuk and with the support of the Lutheran World Federation)LWF) implemented during the month of November 2021( 3) legal awareness sessions for 27 beneficiaries of refugee, displaced and host community women and girls from Domiz area and Domiz 1 refugee camp and raise their awareness of their rights under the law to become more able and confident to claim their rights and protect themselves from all forms of violence and exploitation.

 (4) psychological support sessions and recreational activities (singing and drawing) were carried out for (50) people with special needs with (50) of their families in Domiz camp 1. The aim of these sessions was to provide information on how to create a safe space for people with special needs to exercise their rights through expressing themselves and raising their awareness on how to build their personality, and how they can integrate themselves into society and challenge all obstacles.

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