Nineveh Plain - Qaraqoush

A session about successful women via WhatsApp

#Baghdad_Women_Association staff in the Listening and Counseling Center – Qaraqoush implemented an online session about successful women via WhatsApp, within the project of (Empowering women and girls returning to Nineveh Plain/Qaraqoush), funded by MSI. The session was attended by 27 women and girls in the program on May21, 2020. As it included the attendance of the facilitators of two successful women from Qaraquosh who shared their  success stories and how they achieved their goals and overcome challenges, sources of support were also explained and how they developed their skills and completed their journey to become an example for successful women in the society.

The session’s main output were that the participants gained lots of information about the importance of the insistence on completing the path and achieving the goals. The facilitators shared their stories and experiences to give a successful example and motivation for the participants not to feel despair when facing the challenges and pressures of life, and learn the importance of self-confidence and sharing experiences with each other in order to encourage women and girls to develop their skills and talents and take advantage of free time on positive and beneficial issues. It became clear that the participants were happy to gain valuable information during the session as the evaluation results were excellent and positive.

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