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16 days of activism against women in the cultural house

Amna sadiq from #Baghdad_women_association participated in seminar under the topic “16 days of activism against women” in the cultural house in the ministry of cultures in Baghdad aljadida on 1 December 2019.

 It included many topics on gender-based violence, types of violence that women are exposed to, the role of women, the importance of their participation in leadership and political roles, in addition to the injustice of the role of women and the need to strengthen it in society, as Professor Suhaila Al-Aasam indicated about protecting women and providing job opportunities that suit them while the journalist Rafah Al-Maamouri clarified a statement issued by the Iraqi Women League and the commemoration of this occasion. Several interventions have taken place from Amna Sadiq, in which she clarified the basis of violence and what are the effects of violence on women and the types of violence facing them.

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