Awareness Sessions

The five awareness sessions included various topics, including (GBV -Reproductive Health-Human rights – mental health) for 83 women and girls, the awareness sessions on violence included deprivation of work, education and marriage of minors. The session facilitator emphasized the negative effects of them and how to change harmful habits and practices and ways to prevent violence. A specialist doctor from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Faculty of Medicine at Nineveh University participated in giving a lecture on reproductive health, in addition to showing a scientific film on the importance of caring for women’s health and the damage caused by, and how to use family planning methods to maintain women’s health. Human rights awareness sessions included introducing human rights to promote respect, inclusiveness, non-discrimination and equality to combat and prevent violations and discrimination and achieve equal opportunities for all. The Sessions aim to prevent and respond to violence to support positive changes in gender relations, gender equality and non-discrimination, and contribute to ending harmful traditional practices such as early marriage to protect women and girls from the risks of violence within society, and to provide them to beneficiaries. Reporting and prevention mechanisms, and information on referrals and available services to enable survivors to declare themselves and seek the service they need.

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