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Awareness session on gender-based violence.

On Wednesday, 17/5/2023, Baghdad Women Association carried out an awareness session on gender-based violence for the Flourishing Together project. The number of women and girls was 8 beneficiaries of the polarized street. The content of the activity and the topics were: – Gender-based violence and changing roles. – Definition of sex. – Definition of gender. -Violence. – Types of gender-based violence. – Psychological violence. – Physical violence. – Sexual violence. -Economic violence (deprivation) – What are the common aspects of all types of sexual violence (what are the elements of sex) – Power and its types. -Activity. – Causes of violence. Factors conducive to violence. – The impact of violence on the family and children. – Means of reducing violence against the family and society. Educating women and girls about gender-based violence and its types and how to reduce violence.

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