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Awareness session on GBV and SRR

#Baghdad_Women_Association continues in its awareness role through conducting awareness session on GBV and SRR at Al-Ubaidi Center on 5th – 6th May 2019 with the attendance of a number of women and girls and within the project ” Strengthening access to protection, participation and services to women refugees, Internally Displaced People IDPs and host communities in Iraq”) funded by The European Union Regional Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis: EU ” #MADADFund” and in partnership with #EuroMed_Feminist Initiative EFI. 
The most important outcomes of the workshop were the creation of community discussions and discussions on the most important issues of women and girls and their social and health challenges, as well as the exchange of factual stories from their life experiences. Most of the popular misconceptions were also highlighted in the framework of reproductive health, which negatively affect family health. The workshop concluded with basic recommendations on each stage of life for females to ensure her public safety.

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